My Corolla FR, AE86

updated 23 September 2005

I have a "1985 Toyota Sprinter" as they were sold as in Australia. It was the base model AE86 hatchback as avaliable here in Australia. No other version was avaliable here (hatchback only, no coupe), and even though they have the fixed headlights, all were badged as a "Sprinter". (It says Sprinter in the right tail light, and has a S on the steering wheel). I am happy with the look of the fixed lights and hatchback shape. I have made this my race car. All parts that matter have been changed to the "JDM" AE86 Levin part. And all interia removed with a roll cage. Basicaly the car will be a early Levin, with AE101 motor, and front coilovers.
Bitsmy AE86 project
Car: AE86-ECMXCQ 1985
engine: 4A-GE (AE101 silvertop 20 valve)
engine: twin coils
engine: RWD waterpump/ alt brackets
engine: MicroTech computer
cooling: stock AE86. Alloy/plastic rad. TRD cap
exhaust: 4-1 mandrel bent extractors, 2.25"
transmission:T50 5-speed
diff: S series locked, T series locked, T series TRD LSD
wheels: Volk racing fin 3pc 14" x 6.5"
tyres: 185/60/14", 195/60/14, 195/55/14
front suspension: coilovers 375lb/in, short shocks, CUSCO strut tops, strut brace, Nolathane bushes.
rear suspension:King 4.4kg/mm springs, polyurathane bushes.
anti-roll bars:stock, polyurathane bushes
front shocks:Monroe ST162 cartridges, with spacer, for short stroke
rear shocks: Monroe XT130
master cylinder: stock alloy 13/16"
front brakes: AE86 vented disk
rear brakes: AE86 disk
steering: powersteering knuckles
front track:1355mm
rear track:1350mm
caster: 2 degrees
camber: -1.5 degrees
toe-in: around zero
interior: compulsary drift knob, leather steering wheel. Sound deadening and A/C removed. All trim removed, roll cage.
exterior: alloy valve caps!!!, early Levin tail lights, grill, front spoiler.
Future mods: hot cams for the 20 valve.