Corolla Levin GT/ Sprinter Trueno GT/ SR-5

UPDATED 7/1/2006


In the first generation Corolla, the sporty coupe model was simply called the "Sprinter". It came with twin downdraft carbies on a otherwise standard K or 3K engine.


The second generation corolla was also avaliable with a 1600cc (and 1400cc) engine, along side the 1200cc models. Both the sedan and coupe models where sold as either a Corolla or a Sprinter, with slightly different front and rear end treatment. This trend followed till the end of the 90's. The top spec coupe models where badged either Corolla Levin, or Sprinter Trueno, both having the 2T-G twincam engine found also in the 1600 Celica GT. In North America a SR-5 verion was made. This was speced the same as the Levin but did not have the twincam engine, just the 2T-C. The TE27 Levin was made famous by TTE as they used one in WRC rally succesfully. While having the same twincam engine and driveline as the Celica GT, the body was lighter.


The third generation corollas came with much the same engines, with 1200cc, 1400cc, and 1600cc avaliable. The 2 door hardtop was chosen as a base for the Levin. It had the same 2T-G twincam engine and driveline as the previous TE27 with only minor revisions. This was slighly heavier and bigger than the TE27. Again the North American SR-5 was similar, but without the twincam motor. The steel flares are factory items standard on SR-5 models.


The Sprinter Trueno TE47, released only months after the TE37 Levin, shared the same mechanicals. Body style is a coupe, with B pillars and door window frames.

TE51 - TE55

The picture above left is of the newer shaped Corolla Levin, TE51 or later TE55. These were made from '76 - '79. This shape didn't get to Australia, except for the KE50 liftback. Australia continued to produce the KE30 shaped cars (KE38 & KE55) at this time. The TE51 and TE55 Levin had a 2TGEU EFI engine. They were built on much the same platform as the 30 series car, with different doors, windshield, dash and pannels.

TE61 - TE65

The picture above is a TE61 or TE65 Sprinter Trueno of the same time, with the same mechanicals.


Both the Levin and Trueno versions came in either Hardtop, Coupe or Liftback shapes. The 2T-GEU engine was still used. The 2T-GEU twincam engine was also avaliable in the 4 door sedan, called the GT. Early Levin or GT models got the 13" steel wheels the same as the TE37. Latter model TE71's used alloy wheels which where carried over to the AE86.


The Sprinter Trueno has pop up lights, and the Corolla Levin has fixed lights. Both had different tail lights and came in either a coupe or liftback styles. In Japan the poor versions had a 3A-U 1500cc motor. The good verions where stickered "GT-Apex" and came with the 4A-GE motor, LSD, vented front disks and rear disk brakes.
The Australian delivered AE86 was the poor spec version, liftback only, with fixed Corolla lights and Sprinter tail lights. It was badged "Sprinter" dispite the fixed lights.
The USA delivered version all had pop-up lights, but where badged "Corolla" in either liftback or coupe. The USA got both the poor spec verion SR-5 (4A-C motor), and the good spec verion GT-S (4A-GE motor).

These cars have become very popular now, mostly because of their RWD nature and good handling. They are know in Japan as a "hachi-roku", which means eight-six in Japanese (AE86). The poor spec version is known as a "hachi-go" which means eight-five (AE85). They are also better known now from the Japanese "Initial-D" cartoon.

BitsStock CorollaLevin/TruenoLevin/Trueno
Car: KE30/35/36/38/55TE37/TE47TE51/55/61/65
engine: 3K/ 4K2T-G 1588cc2T-GEU 1588cc
engine: 2 stage downdraft40mm Solex carbiesL-Jetronic fuel injection
exhaust: 1.5"
diff: 6" 4.1:16.7" 4.3:1
wheels: 13"13"x5J
tyres: 175/75/13"185/70/13"
front suspension: struts bigger
rear suspension:leafleaf
anti-roll bars:19mm front only?
front shocks:rebuildable bigger
rear shocks: oiloil
master cylinder: 3/4" 5" booster6" booster
front brakes: solid disk 48.1mm pistonsolid 50.8mm piston
rear brakes: drum 200mmdrum 229mm
steering: r-ball 19:1 variabler-ball 16.1:1 constant
weight:820kg 935kg
wheelbase:2370mm 2370mm
front track:1295mm1320mm
rear track:1285mm1335
caster: 1.25?1.25?
camber: 0 or +0 or +

Some interesting options Corollas of this period could come with in different parts of the world, from the book "Corolla & Trueno Repair Manual, Body" 1976, updated 1979. Most of this stuff didn't ever appear on Australian models, and alot of it was for North America models.

Shock absorbing bumper, with actual shock absorbers
Tacho gauge, for Hardtop
In tank fuel pump, for 2T-GEU
Seat belt light (USA)
Fuel level warning light (Calif.)
Emission computer (Calif.)
Speedometer reed switch, for emission computer (USA)
Seat belt computer (USA)
Combination gauge, for Hardtop and Trueno, Oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge, Ammeter
Stop light failure warning light (Trueno)
Seat switch
CCo thermo sensor
G. sensor
duel points distributor
Igniter, electronic ignition
Headlight cleaner (Sweden)
Cooler amplifier?(air conditioning)
noise filter, for tacho
Intermittent wiper relay
engine oil level sensor
electrolyte sensor
Lining wear sensor
seat belt buckle switch
ESP computer
Unlock warning buzzer

Australian Corollas made after about 1977, had many Australian made components swaped into them. This included:
BorgWarner diff axle assembly
PBR brake booster and master cylinder
Girlock front brake calipers, and different disk offset to match
Bosch distributor
different windscrean wiper
Preslite windscrean wiper motor
Holden Tri-matic Auto box
Many other parts such as the dash instuments where Australian made, but to Toyota specs without much difference.