updated 24 September 2005

This is Adams Galant that I have had alot to do with. I drove it around Baskerville racetrack, did some hard laps and was doing 1min 8sec. We had the 16'z on with poor tyres rolling around so it was a ok time I guess. (Can almost do the same time in my blue Corolla, also on street tyres). But the Galant is a heavy beast, which can understeer badly. I toasted the brakes on the Galant on what would have been a very fast lap, but ended up crashing into a wall at a fair speed! I have helped rebuild the car, now with a much bigger turbo and front mount intercooler. Also I have installed a MicroTech LT8S, by cutting the original computer out (under the dash), and making some new plugs for the MicroTech. This was not so easy! I have also had to tune it to idle, then some more to run on the road. No dyno tune yet, but it runs ok and is faster than my Corollas will ever be.

BitsAdams Galant VR-4
Car: HH Galant VR-4 Dec '91
engine: 4G63B-T
engine: 2 liter, 16 valve, iron block, alloy head
engine: A/C removed, ballance shafts removed
engine: MicroTech LT8s, 880cc injectors
turbo: a big ball bearing one, not sure (not standard). External wastegate, dump pipe.
intercooler: a big one
cooling: stock, electric fans
exhaust: 3"
transmission:5-speed rebuilt
diffs: center diff locked with collar. RS spec 4-bolt rear end
wheels: 18'z
front suspension: coilovers
rear suspension:coilovers
anti-roll bars:stock
front shocks:e1 sport coilovers
rear shocks: e1 sport coilovers
front brakes: stock twin piston on vented disks. Bendex Metal King pads
rear brakes: disk
steering: rear steering taken out and locked up.
front track:mm
rear track:mm
camber: near zero on front, about -1.5 degrees on back
toe-in: zero front, toed in at back
interior: Kenwood CD player, big sub and amp (not my department)
exterior: 1/2 repainted (after I crashed it), stickers and boot spoiler removed.
Future mods: Front driveshafts removed for RWD. Big fuel pump and surge tank. Dyno tune. More boost!