Corolla FWD history

by Jonathan Rochester
updated 22/5/2003

Above is the new *E120 series corolla. They have the new 1ZZ-FE engines (that had already been used in North American E110 cars), as well as the 2ZZ-GE and smaller 1.3l and 1.5l engines, and a deisel. They can come in 4WD in Japan. The 4WD and 2 door versions will probably not get far outside Japan, but I think Europe has the 2 door hatch. The above car actualy has a 1.5 litre VVTi engine and 4WD, TA-NZE124.

I don't know it all, probably have alot of this wrong. Please tell me corrections. Below is a pictorial list off all Corollas and toyota engines that came in them, starting with the AE82 in about 1983. Follow the link at the bottom to see the older RWD Corolla and page. I still have some confusion with info on this page, I havn't finnished, more pics to come.

Corolla FWD History - a brief overview:
Front wheel drive was becoming popular at the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's. Toyota slowly changed all its normal passanger cars over to FWD. FWD was chosen for economic and manufacturing reasons. Having all the engine and moving parts in the front reduces the cars weight and cost, and allows the whole driveline to be made in one assembly that bolts to the frame. Toyotas first front wheel drive car was the Tercel, in about 1979. This used a 3A engine still in north-south configeration but with the differential in the front of the gearbox going to the front driveshafts. The first FWD Corolla a few years later also used the A engine but transversly mounted with the gearbox to the left and driveshafts behind the engine. This basic layout has not changed, allthough the new 1ZZ-FE engine has the inlet manifold at the front and exhaust out the rear. All FWD Corollas up to 110 series use McPherson struts all round. The 4WD wagons use a live rear diff similar to the RWD Corolla coilspring setup or TE71 and AE86. New 120 series corollas have a new rear suspension setup, similar to Echo, with a simpler C section torsion bar. Some pannel vans use leaf spring in the rear.

Some AE92 sedan and hatch cars were sold as Chevy Nova's in North America and Holden Nova's in Australia. This was also the case for some AE102 cars. Some of the early Holdens had the 6A-F engine. Latter Holdens where the same as Australian Corollas with different badgeing and thicker rear sway bar. Some of the Chevy cars had a extra or larger? window behind the rear door, not sure, and with different lights...maybe like a Japan sprinter?? In Australia the AE102 liftback was used in a one make rally class called Corolla Cup. Labeled Sprinter in Australia was a AE102 car which looks longer than the AE102 corolla and with different pannels and lights. In Japan Corollas are sold as either a Corolla, or a Sprinter. The AE11* Sprinter sedan has an extra window behind the rear door as oposed to the Corolla. The AE111 2 door coupe is sold as either a Corolla "Levin" or a Sprinter "Trueno", as were many of the top spec 2 door coupes in Japan.

The AE92 hatch is still (2005) sold as a new car in South Africa. The rear windows are painted over, no rear seats and its sold as a "pannel van".

Front wheel drive corollas:
AE802A-LUsedan/ liftback
AE814dr sedan"Sprinter"Japan
AE824A-C4dr sedanall
AE824A-C, 4A-GE4dr hatch"TwinCam 16"Aust.
AE824A-GE2dr hatch"FX16"USA
AE824A-C, 4A-GE4dr liftback"Seca", "TwinCam 16"Aust.
AE924A-F, 4A-FE, 6A-F4dr sedanall
AE924A-FE4dr wagonUSA
AE924A-F, 4A-FE, 4A-GE4dr hatch"FX GTi"
AE924A-GE2dr hatch"FX GTi"USA
AE924A-FE, 4A-GE, 7A-FE4dr liftback"Seca"Aust., Euro
AE924A-GE, 4A-GZE2dr coupe"GTS", "Levin", Japan
AE924A-GE, 4A-GZE2dr coupe"GTS", "Trueno"USA,Japan
AE954A-F, 4A-FE4WD wagon"SR-5"all
AE1014A-GZE, 4A-GE 20valve, 7A-FE2dr coupe"Levin"Japan
AE1014A-GZE, 4A-GE 20valve, 7A-FE2dr coupe"Sprinter Marino?", "Trueno"Japan
AE1014A-FE4dr sedanAust.
AE1027A-FE4dr sedanAust.
AE1027A-FE4dr liftback"Seca"Aust.
AE1027A-FE4dr liftback"Sprinter"Japan, Aust.
*E1141.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti, 1.9 dieselwagon"estate"UK
AE1127A-FE4dr liftbackEuro, Aust.
*E1121.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti, 1.9 diesel2dr liftbackEuro
WRC (AE111)3S-GTE2dr liftbackWorld Rally CarTTE
AE112R7A-FE4dr sedanAust.
AE112R7A-FE4dr liftback"Seca"Aust.
*E11?1.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti. 1.9 diesel2dr liftback(Euro)
*E1141.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti, 1.9 diesel4WD wagoneuroUK, Euro.
*E1121.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti, 1.9 diesel4dr sedanUK
*E1121.6 vvti, 1.4 vvti, 1.9 diesel4dr liftbackUK
AE1105A-FE2dr coupe, 4dr sedanJapan
CE1103C-FE2dr coupe, 4dr sedanJapan
AE11?7A-FE etc.4dr sedan"Sprinter"Japan
AE11?7A-FE etc.4dr sedancorollaJapan
EE1122E4dr sedanSouthAfrica
AE1124A/7A-FE/4AGE204dr sedanRXi, RSiSouthAfrica
AE1114A-GE 20valve, 7A-FE2dr coupe"Levin"Japan
AE1114A-GE 20valve, 7A-FE2dr coupe"Trueno"Japan
ZZE1101ZZ-FE4dr sedanUSA, Canada
ZZE1101ZZ-FE4dr sedanUSA, Canada
New Century Corollas
NZE120/121/1242NZ-FE/1NZ-FE4dr sedan & 4WDJapan
CE1213C-E4dr sedanJapan
ZZE122/1241ZZ-FE4dr sedan & 4WD"Luxel"Japan
NZE121G/124G1NZ-FE4dr wagon & 4WD"Fielder"Japan
CE121G3C-E4dr wagon"Fielder"Japan
ZZE122G/123G/124G1ZZ-FE/ 2ZZ-GE4dr wagon & 4WD"Fielder"Japan
ZZE1232ZZ-GE4dr hatch"Runx"Japan
ZZE1232ZZ-GE4dr hatch"Sportivo"Australia, SouthAfrica

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