TA22 Celica GT, with 2T-G engine (Slopeing front side lights)

This GT looks so very nice!! GT stripes, nice lip on the old wheels, front spoiler.

RA23 Celica GT with 18R-G engine. Note the different front lights.

RA28 Celica LT, same as RA23 but a liftback.

RA40. Same mechanicals as RA23. (18R-C or 18R-G motor.)

MA46 Supra, 6 cylinder


RA65 (Australian cars did not have flares) 2.4 liter 22R-E motor

MA61 Supra, 5M-E or 1G-GE 6 cylinder

18R-G 2000cc twincam, sidedrafts

18R-GU with EGR


All these 1G engines come in early 80's Supras in Japan, not Australia. But they are common and cheap from a Jap importer, and because they are only a small 2 liter, they can sort of fit into a 4 cylinder engine bay, such as the older Celica. But they won't realy fit in the first TA22 Celica, only the RA23 and latter models.

1G-GE engine. 2000cc 24 valve twincam

1G-GTE twin turbo

1G-GTE turbo, intercooled

1G-GZE supercharged

The current Lexus IS200 also uses a 1G motor. It is a 1G-FE with VVT-i, built more for ecconomy than power. All the 1G motors pictured are the older ones from the GA60 supra.