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UPDATE 23 September 2005
I have moved this whole website to netspace, so bookmark again with new address:

My blue "TE37 levin" is still my daily driver. Saddly most of the pannels are very dented up as I entered it in "Driftmania" a local drift competition run by Fullock at Baskerville. It rained that day so very slippery, I did my best, but still came off the track several times. Thankfully there is no plastic or fibreglass in the body of this old car so its still in one piece!

For my AE86 Levin, I now have a 4A-GE 20 valve (silvertop from AE101) ready to go in. It seams every man and his dog has done this conversion (on the mainland at least) so there is no shortage of info. I will be just following the standard recipe, but the RWD conversion will be more eligant than most.

UPDATED 18 October 2004
My blue Corolla "Levin" has been back on the road for a while now, everything is going well. I did a G-Tech 400m time of 15.9 seconds with a passanger. I have rejetted the carbs since so should be able to do better. I have done more laps at Baskerville raceway recently. My best lap time was 1min 8 seconds. I'm sure I can do a bit better with race tyres. I have the JDM TE37 hood and grill installed, with the new Levin badge also. I still need to get the hood (bonnet) painted, and put the fender mirrors on. I have a TRD LSD in it now also, as I broke the odd axle with the locked center.

I have also purchased a 1985 Sprinter. Its a Aussie spec AE86, and is all standard. This will be my next project, as I need something to let me play with EFI and maybe turbo. I took this to Baskerville also and got 1min 16seconds, just to set the base lap time.

These pages
This has turned into a Toyota page, mainly old RWD corollas, also with general handleing info as understood by myself. I have spent some time listing all the Corolla body shapes I know off, with pictures, creating a pictorial history of the corolla from 1966 to pressent day, something that turned out to be a bigger project than I first thought. The corolla history pages have turned out fairly good, and fills some gaps other pages have. The background picture is the old Toyota symbol, still used on many new parts, and means "To-yo-ta" in Japanese. My own speel on Corolla history has even been stolen and seen on other pages! It would be kind to credit the author if you want to do this. It would be even better just to put a link to my page so the knowledge is updated.

Also, you will note that the spelling on these pages is realy bad. But its my site so you have to live with it!

ME e-mail: jonnyrochester (at)

I'm Jonathan Rochester. I am 31 years old, and live in Hobart Tasmania, Australia. I am a mechanic at a Toyota dealership, but previously have run my own business, got a Diploma in mechanical engineering, and nearly completed a Degree in engineering at uni.

Below is a picture of where I live. It looks different close up. Strangely, it's not part of America. But I doubt it will be targeted by America as a terorist state in the near future. Its about the safest place to live, only you can get alot of speeding/parking tickets if your not carefull.